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Cannot migrate error on android phone when transferring data to iphone 7

Fix error while transferring data from android phone to iPhone 7

Hello Everyone!! I have recently purchased a new iPhone 7 plus and trying to move all my data from my Samsung Galaxy phone using the “Move to iOS” app but it shows the error message “Unable to migrate, try again later”.The app Move to iOS seems to be not working at all or it stops after preparing for about 2 minutes.I tried to restart both my phones.

Also, I tried to reset my wifi settings and also tried to transfer the data in airplane mode. Can somebody please suggest a solution that will help me, Please?

How to Fix error while transferring data from android phone to iPhone 7?

If you are facing the same problem then

Step 1: Switch off mobile data and the Bluetooth as well as the smart switch option in your Samsung phone.

Step 2: Then remove the SIM card your Samsung phone.

Step 3: Connect both the phones to the same wifi.

Step 4:  This will work smoothly if your android phone is running on 4.0 version and your iPhone has iOS 9 or higher.

Step 5: Make sure the iPhone has enough space for all the data you are transferring, select if you want to transfer the contacts, messages or images.

Step 6: After the transfer restart both your phones in airplane mode.

Cannot migrate error of android phone while transferring data to iphone 7

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