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Internet not working on Network, Slow Pc On Network

Internet not working on Network, Slow Pc On Network

How to fix the Internet not working on Network

Tech Advice
Please do the following steps to fix the problem

Step 1

 Got to network connections in control pannel
 Right click on Lan Connection ..Select disable.

Step 2

 Shut down the pc.
 Unpulg the router or modem and switch off.
 Unplug the ethernet or usb cable connected from the pc and the router(modem)
 After 3 min reconnect all the cables
 Start the modem first and then the pc.
 Go back to control pannel and network connections ..right click on lan and see if its enabled.(if not then enable it)
 Now check if the connection is working.
 If connection is not working then please check if there is any yellow mark before network adaptors in devise manager.

Also please do check the ip address

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