Softwares How to troubleshoot TurboTax error 1921?

How to troubleshoot TurboTax error 1921?

Fix Error code 1921 Troubleshoot Turbo tax

I am using TurboTax software to fill tax return but it gives me error 1921. Can anyone solve this issue?

Cause of TurboTax error 1921

When you know the error causes it becomes easier to fix it. Below are some reasons for these errors.

  1. Software is corrupted while downloading.
  2. Not properly installed
  3. Mistakenly delete any file of TurboTax
  4. Malware or virus may infect the file.

How to Fix error 1921 troubleshoot TurboTax?

Solution 1: Close Conflicting Application

  • Open task manager
  • Click on Processes Tab
  • Stop all programs which are conflicting
  • Observer error message is reoccuring every time you stopping a process
  • Finally, after identify which program gives error reinstall that application

Soltiion 2: Update Conflicting programs

Use Control Panel

  • In Windows 7, go to the control panel > click on uninstall a program
  • Click on the program TurboTax and then press update or uninstall option
  • Follow the updating process if you choose update option. or you can choose
  • uninstall it to completely remove it from your system, then install a fresh copy and check if the error resolves.

Solution 3: Update the virus protection program on the computer

Updating your virus protection program on your system may help to fix this issue. You can run windows update to install new updates online.

Solution 4: Re-install runtime libraries

  • To install fresh copy of runtime library follow below steps
  • 1st, uninstall current package on y our system then you need to highlights
  • Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package.
  • Download the most recent packages and install it.

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Solution 5: Run disk cleanup

  • Create a backup of your file.
  • Clear the cache of your system and reboot the computer.
  • With this, you will run disk cleanup
  • Open explorer window, and right-click on the main directory
  • Click on properties and then disk cleanup

Solution 6: Reinstall Graphics drivers

  • Open device manager and search for the system Graphic driver
  • Right-click on video card driver
  • Click on uninstall and reboot the computer

Hope this will fix this issue.

Fix troubleshoot TurboTax error code 1921

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