General How to Silence a Noisy PC

How to Silence a Noisy PC

Silence a Noisy PC

Trying to live your life without a PC may be unthinkable, because you come to rely on the enormous number of tasks your PC does to make your life simpler. Even the most inexpensive home computer is capable of handling vast amounts of data at lightning speed. One of the drawbacks of such high performance standards, however, is that some PCs producing the to get amounts of noise while they’re operating.

If your PC is making more noise than you want, don’t despair. Silencing a PC is easier than you might think. Even better, you can silence your PC at little or no cost!

How to Silence a Noisy PC

 Begin by making sure that your PC is situated on a completely flat surface; doing so will eliminate needless vibrations. Secure your PC with a mat to keep it from moving around while it’s working.

 Don’t be afraid to check your PCs internals to make sure that they are properly secured. Using your owner’s manual as a guide remove the outer casing of your CPU unit, open your computer and examine its fan, hard drive, or other removable components. All of them can be easily tightened with a regular screw driver.

 While you have your CPU unit open, they’ll be some price to see that a large amount of dust has collected around your motherboard and hardware devices. Remove the dust very carefully using a soft result brush. Even better, you can buy an inexpensive can of compressed air and simply blow away any dust or grit which may be interfering with the operation of your PC, and especially of its fan.

 Once you’ve cleaned and closed up your CPU unit, take the time to examine your monitor and see if it is making any unnecessary noise. Even the smallest sound can be an indication of a developing problem.

 If none of the above methods have done anything to silence your computer, it may be time for some hardware replacement. Your PCs fan is one of the likeliest sources of unnecessary noise, and as long as your PC is otherwise functioning properly, installing a new fan may be worth the expense.

 Almost all PCs have their fans inside they are CPU units; some PCs may have multiple fans. PC fans are available in the Norma’s range of designs and types, and you should expect to pay more for those which promise the most silent operation. If, however, you want to guarantee yourself a quiet computer in the future, spending more on a fan in the present will be worth the extra expense!

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