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In a world where computers are becoming much more mainstream there are dozens of different uses that you can think of during a small and brief moment. The uses that computers serve are looking to continue increasing as time goes on and the number of people incorporating computers into their homes will be increasing as well. From the user who never touched a computer before, to the technologically advanced user who has never gone more than 30 minutes without touching a computer they are available and easy to use, yet remarkably powerful.

There are computers designed for those who are knowledgeable in exactly what they are doing and how the most efficient use of their time is and then there are those who are utterly confused at the mere mention of the word computer and need a lot of help to use their computer effectively. From those users who spend hours searching the internet for what they need, to those who find exactly what they need within just a few minutes there is a very large range of skill levels in terms of computer usage and the gap is unlikely to close anytime in the near future.

With operating systems running the gamut of simple to use and designed for the basic home user, to the advanced powerhouse that can handle any task and command almost instanteously there is a large difference in the way people use their computers. Deciding how much or how little you use your computer is entirely up to you, but the facts remain that users who were once computer savvy will slowly start to lose touch with the way computers operate and function. As advances in computers continue to come out quickly each coming year the requirements just to have basic computer knowledge will increase.

While supercomputers of the past were, huge machines that provided huge amounts of power and ability yet took up an entire room have given way to small tower machines that take less than one foot of space. It stands to reason that yet again there will be continued improvements in the size and ability, which will once again decrease the amount of space the computer needs, as well as exponentially increase the ability of the computer. The research and development into a better, smarter and faster computer will likely never end, which leaves users who are trying to stay computer savvy needing to continuously improve their skills just to stay in touch with the latest developments.

While new computers are expected to get smaller and much more portable it seems it will only be a matter of time before a complete powerful computer is small enough to fit nicely into anyone’s pocket, and handle all of the exact same tasks that the powerful desktop machines of today can handle. This will really open the doors to people using computers even more than they do today, and the possibility is just around the corner as the era of pocket PC’s comes into a very powerful and developing time.


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