Windows How to make Explorer open large archives

How to make Explorer open large archives

Explorer open large archives

How to make Explorer open large archives

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 Microsoft tried to make Vista extremely user friendly but in many ways it failed.
 For example, the build in archive manager fails tremendously when dealing with large zips.
 It seems that Microsoft specialists never thought that we might actually have something big stored on our hard drives.
 It’s just like they thought the only ZIPs we will handle will be the mail attachments we might receive.
 When they included the feature that allows you to brows through archives, they thought that this way they will get rid of the delay in opening an archive.
The difference between Vista and XP from this point of view is that XP creates the list of files after the archive has been opened, while Vista attempts to make a quick list before you openit.
It works pretty fast actually, until it knocks itself dead with a large archive, causing the entire system to freeze.

So, the zip manager seems pretty pointless if you know you will have big archives stored on your hard drive. The best way is to attempt to turn it off.

 Right-click on ShellEx and click “Run as Administrator” to access it fully.
 There you will find a list as below of “Compressed” stuff.
 Select all those in your left; right click them to get rid of them.
 After selecting the explorer, click “End Process” and confirm the changes in the next dialog box.
 The taskbar will disappear, along with all of your file explorer windows.
 As any major Windows setting chance, this one also requires a restart.
 So save all work, restart your windows and enjoy the old fashioned WinZIP way of handling archives.

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