Install Windows Vista

How to Install Windows Vista

Tech Advice 1
Please do the following steps to install Windows Vista


 Please insert Windows Vista CD into the CDrom or DVDrom
  Reboot your pc you can see a balck window it says windows is loading files

Step 2

 After few minutes you can see the language option.
 In Which language you want to install your Windows vista.
 Please select your language and Press “NEXT
 After that you can see Windows asking for the install
 Click on Install Now
 After some time windows asking for the product key.
 Please put your product key.

Then Installation wizard ask you for the select edition. Select edition of windows that you puchased

 And Click “NEXT”
 Then Accept the license terms
 And Click “NEXT”

Step 3

 Now window ask you for the type of installation
Please choose Custom (Advanced) installation
 And the next step is please choose the drive there you want to install it
 Now setup will coping files from the installation DVD media to the hard disk.
 It will take some time
 Its copying file and system restarting many times during copying files

Step 4

 After copying files wizard ask you for the enter user name and password for the first user on the computer
 Please provide the user name( you will change it later)
 Now wizard ask you choose the type of protection
 The recommended settings are best
 Now wizard ask you for the enter Time Zone settings window. Choose your location.
 And now you can see the “THANKYOU” screen
 Again you have to wait some time because some promotinal screens preparing for the first log on.
 Finally, the first screen appears, |

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