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Clear IE 7 Browsing History from the Command Line

Clear IE 7 Browsing History from the Command Line

How to Clear IE 7 Browsing History from the Command Line

Tech Advice:1

 Has space ever been a problem for you? Do you just want that to go away and not eat up your Hard Drive?
 Here, you will learn that there are two methods that are available. One is the easiest and is my personal recommendation.
 The other however, is the more technical method and should be used if it is absolutely necessary.
 Method number one that you are about to see below will be the easiest method without having to go to the Command Line right away.

Removing Browser History

 This works for every browser but I’m focusing on Internet Explorer 7 only at this present time.
 By now you are used to seeing this in your options.
 It’s a simple remove it by clicking on clear history. Without getting too technical, all that needs to be done is getting rid of it just by a simple click of deleting browser history.
 After that, there shouldn’t be anything traced and left over from visiting previous web sites.
 Bonus Tip, Keeping Browser History and Temporary Internet Files stored at a minimum
 If you wish to avoid having to go through all of this, then proceed further and read on. go into your Internet Options.
 Next up, click on settings. After that, just change the number of days stored and Temporary Internet Files down to whichever you wish for it to be.

And also suggest you to run the follwing tool.It will help you to remove the problem

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