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How to fix Error check for Updates in google play store

Error Checking for updates in Google play store Fix

Google Play store is the biggest market for android applications. From Google play you can download & update the application either it is free or paid. So, since it is the biggest market the one thing in common that it also facing lots of errors. I am also the user of google play store and last night i was using my android for check updates of google android update or applications update. While check updates it showing some error like unable to check updates for android or application. if you also facing this error, the below steps will help you to solve the error check for updates.

Fix Error Checking for updates in Google play store

Let’s start with the following method which is very helpful to fix the error of checking for updates.

Method 1
Clearing Cache of google play store application

Open Phone Settings
Scroll down & Open applications > Tap on Apps

Tap on Google Play Store

Tap on Storage & choose the clear cache

Wait for Cache should be cleared & check if the error is resolved

Method 2
Clear Data of the apps

If Clear Cache is not working then you have to clear that data of the android phone applications.

Method 3
Uninstalling Updates

If Method 2 is now working then go for method 3 which is Uninstalling updates

Go to Phone settings
scroll down & tap on Applications
↪ Tap on Apps and Go to Google play store in the sections of the apps.

For Uninstalling updates tap on three dots as shown in the below images.

↪ Check if the error is fixed

How to fix Error check for Updates in google play store? | Fix google play store error check for updates

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