Android How to enable root access on android

How to enable root access on android

What is rooting for Android Phones?

Rooting is a term that means its a process that allows you to obtain the root access of the Android operating system. Rooting the Android operating system gives you permission to install those software or applications which are normally not allowed by the manufacturer. And this is good for your android phone. The manufacturer doesn’t want that any user makes extra modifications on an android smartphone. Maybe it leads to that accident which can’t be repaired. If you are thinking that rooting an android phone is good for your smartphone then you are wrong. Whenever you are going to root your Android smartphone, the first thing you lost is the warranty of your android gadget. if you are going to root your Android smartphone maybe it also leads to that accident that your phone is useless as a brick. Malware files also damage your phone & files very easily.

Enable root access on android

Solution 1
Root Android Phone With USB Debugging

Note – Before starting rooting android operating system make sure your phone is fully charged

Step 1 – Enable USB Debugging option in your Android Smartphone
Step 2 – If you are using android 4.0 or android 4.1 then go to settings > Developer options. Then on the USB Debugging option. Also, you have ON the Developer Options. after ON Developer options Click hit on Ok to approve it.

Step 3 – Then connect your Android smartphone to your PC via USB Cable. After connected to PC your phone is asking for allowing USB debugging. then you have to click oK & also tick the Allow always on this PC.

Step 4 – Click on Root, Take relax for a few minutes while your phone gets rooted. while rooting it gets restart several times. Once, root complete. Then you will check your Android operating system is Rooted.

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