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How to fix Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV driver Error Message

WIN_24.21.13.9836_A00.exe      456.72Mb

System Requirements to download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV driver

This Solution applies to Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you have already installed then uninstall and download the latest version Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Driver from below link. After that follow the steps below for proper installation of this driver.

Manual Driver installation Steps

Download the Latest Version

Manually Download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Drivers

 Download the required drivers from relevant source or brand only recommended by experts here.
 Download the relevant driver from links given below
 Right click the exe file and select run as Administrator and install.
 Do a system restart after installation

This should fix the problem

Auto Update Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV driver from Device Manager

 Press WINDOWS KEY and R key simultaneously which will open up a RUN Box
Type devmgmt.msc and hit ok
 Look for the missing driver in a yellow or red mark. Right click >> look for Update
 Restart your computer.

If this doesn’t help then the best way is to download drivers manually from an official website recommended below.

Below Driver download links will redirect you to the official website of makers of the product. These drivers are not hosted on

Download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Drivers

Download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Nvidia Graphics Driver

Download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Intel Mangement Engine Interface Driver

Download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Realtek Memory Card Reader Driver

Download Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV Intel Serial IO Driver

Product Details:
Brand: Dell Inspiron I7586-5045SLV – Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit – Weight: 4.56 lbs

Size: 15.6 inch– Display Resolution: 1920×1080

Ram: 8GB – Type of Ram: DDR4 -Speed of Ram: 2400 MHZ

Intel Core i5-8th Gen – Clock Speed: 1.6 Gigahertz – Graphics Process: Intel UHD Graphics 620

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