Errors Error | Shut Down Problem

Error | Shut Down Problem

Error | Shut Down Problem

How to fix shut down problem

Tech Advice 1
Please do the following steps to fix the problem

Caution : Incorrect Registry Editing can cause serious problems.

 Please be careful while editing registry or contact our supoprt team to fix it remotley
 Click On Start Menu >> Click On Run Button
 In the Open Box
 Type in regedit
 Browse to the following
 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >>> SYSTEM >>> CurrentControlSet >>> Control >>> CrashControl
 Right click on AutoReboot modify and change the value to 0.

Exit & reboot.

Step 2

 Open the System control panel >> click the Advanced tab.
 Then click the Settings button under startup and recovery.
 Now uncheck Automatically restart & say ok.

Now see if you get an error instead of it restarting.

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