Errors Randomly reboot / windows crash Dell XPS 13

Randomly reboot / windows crash Dell XPS 13

Reboot windows Crash Dell XPS 13

I have a brand new Dell XP 13

Yesterday i was working on my Laptop suddenly it rebooted 4 times and today it has done it once so far. I am browsing on my laptop and watching online videos suddenly my laptop turned off and turned on automatically and error message appears “windows didn’t load correctly” I restart my pc. My windows is fully updated.

I am using the resolution of 3200*1800 with the 175% scaling.

How to Reboot windows Crash Dell XPS 13?


Try to start it in “Safe Mode” and see if it gives the same error or working on same condition. in a Safe Mode you can’t run a lot of things but it will help a little bit if there is any malware, bad program or a virus on the computer or hardware.

To start your computer in Safe mode follow below the steps :

In windows 8 or 10

When the computer restarts press the F8 button for a few minutes to enters in a Safe mode.

 Press the F4 button to enable the Safe mode
The computer will start in safe mode with the minimum drivers and software.

  Press F5 to enable Safe mode
Once the Safe mode starts with the networking modes. then you are in Safe mode with the additional services or networking of your computer.

↣  Press F6 button to enable Safe mode with command prompt.
When the windows in Safe mode with command prompt used by IT experts.

Sign in to your account on the system. When troubleshoot finished, you can also exit it on the safe mode to restart the computer.

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