Windows How to enable, disabled Windows Task Manager?

How to enable, disabled Windows Task Manager?

Enable, disabled Windows Task Manager

How to enable, disabled Windows Task Manager?

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 Task Manager is an important feature of an Operating system as it gives information about the various active processes, and programs at a particular moment.
 It also displays the general status of the computer and is very useful in debugging and termination of unresponsive programs or processes.
Moreover, it can do many more tasks depending on the type of Operating system.
 Windows is the most common Operating System, so the term “Task Manager” often refers to the one used in Windows. It is present in Windows earlier versions (Win95, Win98 & WinMe)–termed the “simple Task Manager” as it can only launch/terminate programs.
 The latest windows Vista has an advanced one wherein in addition to above, details regarding computer resources (CPU, memory etc.) usage, networking (users, their activities etc.); services, processes, programs are there, plus one can also set priorities or do forcible termination of processes, and shut down/log-off/ hibernate/restart Windows.

 The Windows task manager can be accessed via keys combination of “Ctrl+Shift+Del” or by right-clicking the taskbar menu.
 At times, the task manager option is disabled (is grey) in the taskbar menu which can be due to virus/worms/trojans/spyware. Hence, as a preacution, you should scan the computer.

 You can fix the same manually via the Registry. It is a windows database having the settings of the software and hardware installed in the windows versions (16-,32-,64-bit) and mobile too. If these settings are disturbed, the program/system can become unstable.
 Hence, the manual fix is via the registry key. You need to run “regedit.exe” from the Start menu-Run option or search for the same (start search box). After that, search for the following key in the left pane of the registry:

 In the right pane, there is a “32-bit REG_DWORD” with the value (DisableTaskMgr) having one of the values 1-Disabled or 0-Enabled. Therefore, either you can change the value (double click on the value) or delete the key. The task manager shall be enabled.

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