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How to fix issues related to Network connection windows 10

I am not able to connect to any WiFi network after upgrading my laptop to windows? kindly suggest some fixes for network connection problem on my windows 10

Are you facing  trouble connecting to a network on your windows 10? Follow the mentioned step to fix the problem.


Check if there is there a problem with your Internet service Provider(ISP)

  1. Go to start menu and click on it>>click all apps>>scroll down and expand window system>>right click on command prompt select run as administrator>>Yes
  2. Type ipconfig>>enter
  3. Check the IP address next to Default Gateway>>Note it Down
  4. Type ping along with the IP address for ex- type ping 192:168:0:1 and press enter.
  5. If you didnt see any result than youst contact your ISP.


Roll back the network adapter driver

  1. Go to Search Bar and type Device manager>>Select Device Manager
  2. Select Network Adapter>>Properties
  3. Select the Driver Tab>>Roll Back Driver then-:
  4. If the button can be seen and shows unavailable then there’s no driver to roll back
  5. After rolling back restart your PC.


Run Network Troubleshooter

  1. Go to search box and type Network Trouble shooter>>Select Identify and Repair Problems.
  2. Follow the steps to see what will fix the problem


  1. Go to search box and type Command Prompt>> Right click >>
  2. Select Run as administrator>Yes
  3. Run the following command >>Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter>>Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter>>Type ipconfig /release and press Enter>>Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter>>Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.


Uninstall the network Drivers

  1. In Device manager search Device Manager>>select Device manager
  2. Select Network adapter>>Network adapter name>>right click on Network adapter
  3. Select Uninstall>>Delete The driver software for this device>> Confirm uninstallation
  4. Restart your Device


Update your network adapter driver

  1. Select Device manager by typing device manager on the search box
  2. Select Network adapters>>network adapter  name
  3. Right click>>update driver software>>Search automatically for updated driver software>>follow the steps and close.
  4. Restart your device

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