How to fix Xp desktop is coming horizontally

ERROR || My Windows Xp desktop is coming horizontally

Tech Advise:1

 Right click any empty space in your desktop >>  Arrange Icons By >> Auto Arrange.       

  Tech Advise:2

  Please try the steps mentioned  below                        
  The Ctrl-Alt-Direction key sequence is supposed to be used for changing your workspace.
  On my computer at work it changes the screen orientation.
  Ctrl+Alt+Up – right side up
  Ctrl+Alt+Right – 90 degrees
  Ctrl+Alt+Down – 180 degrees
  Ctrl+Alt+Left – 270 degrees
  If that doesn’t work
  Try Ctrl+Shift+R

Tech Advise:3

 To disable rotation
  Right click the Intel Extreme Graphics icon on the  taskbar
  Select Graphics Options and then Graphics Properties and then Click on the rotation tab
  And remove the tick from the enable rotation box.
  Alternatively it can be  accessed from Display Properties >> Settings >> Advanced >>Intel Extreme  Graphics

Tech Advise:4

 Also check your monitor’s settings by pressing one of the buttons on the front of it.
  Your monitor will have settings for rotation too

Tech Advise:5

 You should try the system restore which is found in
  Click on the  Start menu >> all programs >> accessories >> system tools >> system restore
  Go back to a time  when you know it was working but try to keep it to the last known time it worked.
  Thing is  I don’t put much credit on the system restore in fixing problems
  But it can sometimes help if it was a simple registry error
 CAUSE:= By changing of display settings By virus

When system restore is not working.

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