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Window XP clock problem

window xp clock problem

After installing it I noticed that my computer clock does not stay at the same time.  It can be 5:30 PM and five minutes later it can be 7:00 AM. Someone told me after installing XP, I have to go in my BIOS and set the clock there. Is that the answer Can somebody help ?

How to Fix Window XP clock problem

Tech advise:

Please try the below step as given below.

 Double click your clock on the taskbar.and then
 Date and Time Properties should open.and then
 Click on the Internet Time Tab.and then
 In the box next to Server, type or paste:
 Click the Apply button.and then
 Then click the Update Now button and wait a while.
 Close the Date and Time Properties when you see: The time has be Successfully…..

if after do this step you are not successfully so do this

Tech advise:2

 Go to BIOS setting
 press F10 or del button (on your keybord) when the computer boots up and enter to the bios setup, and find an option to change date/time in bios menu when you can search change date/time and press enter change date/time and set the date/time and then press save option and exit option…… and reboot your pc.
 Okk your problem is loosing the time so i have one more option and its more option is given below

change your cmos battery.

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