Windows Xbox Game Bar “ms-gamingoverlay link” Error

Xbox Game Bar “ms-gamingoverlay link” Error

Fix error Xbox Game Bar “ms-gamingoverlay link”

I get this error ms-gamingoverlaylink while playing live. My head is spinning now please solve this error I can’t fix it.

Solving the Xbox Game Bar “ms-gamingoverlay link” Error
How to Fix XBOX Game Bar Error “ms-gamingoverlay link”
This error happens on windows 10 Computer. You would see this error on windows 10 start

You’ll need a new app to open ms-gamingoverlay link

This Error happens due to windows store which can be fixed

How to Fix Xbox Game Bar “ms-gamingoverlay link” Error Windows 11?

Click Start & Search Game Bar >> Click App Settings
Search and Click “record game clips” at top of Window and Turn it Off

Now Disable the XBOX game Bar

Now you won’t see this error

How to fix “ms-gamingoverlay link” Error in Xbox Game Bar/ Error on “ms-gamingoverlay link” in Xbox Game Bar

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