Windows Vista installation error

Vista installation error

Vista installation error

How to fix vista installation error

Tech Advise:-1       

 Do you have administrative rights on the machine that you are trying to install the application on

Tech Advise:-2

Please do the following step to install  Windows vista:

 Click custom or advanced
 Then, perform a clean installation of windows vista.

Tech Advise:-3    

 Make sure the disc is completely clean as it may be the disc has a spec of dust or the disc might not be working properly all together.
  Set Boot order in bios and make sure you main Hard Drive you are installing vista on is set to be booted 1st. then DVD rom etc To get to boot order you will have to press something like F12 depending on bios.
 Make sure your Bios is upto date
 Unplug any peripherals such as, printers, external drives, microphone webcams etc
 If you have a second hard drive remove it install vista then add second
 HDD back in as it maybe detecting or trying to install to second hard drive
 f you have one
 Check you got all the latest drivers for motherboard etc and make sure all components support vista.
 If all fails then copy the Vista disc at a slow speed maybe 2x and then
  try as it may be the disc.


 This issue may occur if you run setup by using windows Vista installation media.

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