Unable to copy file or folder from one drive to another windows

Unable to copy from one drive to another

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What is the file system on E:? Does it sound like you are trying to copy a single 6 GB file? If this is the case and your E: is FAT32,
Then that is probably your problem. You can tell the file system by right-clicking each drive and choose “properties”
But the maximum file size of a FAT32 drive is 2 GB. So a 6 GB file won’t copy.
If you convert your FAT32 to NTFS it should work. Look at these websites


This will tell you about Format limitations: For FAT32 capabilities, see: http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs_vs_fat
Sorry, I didn’t ask that earlier, I assumed NTFS and should not have. Just run convert on it and that will fix your problem  |
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