Hard Drive Unable to boot from any external drive

Unable to boot from any external drive

Fix error external driver unable to boot

I have used Clonezilla on external hard drives for create image backup, 1stly using Gparted i create 2 partition on external hard disk, 1st one for Clonezilla live boot 300mb FAT32 and the rest NTSF partition to store the images. To install Clonezilla i use Tuxboot. And then restart my pc and boot from the Clonezilla partition then make drive image & store it on NTSF partition. I have used this method on other Windows operating system also like  Windows XP, Windows 7/8, Win 8.1, Vista and Windows 10. I purchased WD External hard drive, everything goes fine but drive not boot to Clonezilla. Only message shows is that no operating system was found. I format and re-installed various Clonezilla version but no solution found. i also run WD diagnostic. How to solve this?

How to fix error Unable to boot from any external drive


  If you are going to boot via Gparted, you have to convert BIOS installation to UEFI.

Steps to convert Windows BIOS installation to UEFI

  You have to create a system repair disc
  Choose disk which you want to convert
  Download GPTGEN. This will allows you to convert MBR disc to GPT.
  You were unable to boot your system until the completion of this process.
  When download finished unzip it. And run command prompt and type as below

gptgen.exe -w \\.\physicaldrive0

  Boot with windows installation
  Choose preference and language settings and select Repair your system > Trouble shoot > Adv. option > Command Prompt
  Disk partition is required, create boot partition, type on CMD


  Locate Windows from boot disk with typing below

list disk

  After that select disk (replace correct number)

select disk 0

  Verify partition

list partitions

  Delete old system partition

select partition 1
delete partition

  Create new boot partition

create  partition  EFI  size=100  offset=1
format  quick  fs=fat32  label=” System “
assign  letter=S
create  partition  msr  size=128  offset=103424

  Exit from the diskpart


  Create boot partition data, replace c: with the letter of Windows install (c is by default)
  After all this, restart your computer

fix error Unable to boot from any external drive

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