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Short Canned

Short Canned

How to fix error “/system root/windows/system32/autochek.exe program not found

Cause Of Error “/system root/windows/system32/autochek.exe program not found  – skipping auto chek”.

 The Cause of the problem can be due to the following reasons
 The error can be due to unexpected shut down or software conflict effecting the hard drive.
 Sometimes bacause of the cache not written to drive properly causing
 Sometimes the contents of the cache are not written to the drive properly causing such errors ||


 A hidden process is created by “The HaxDoor virus” The virus can also restore the files if deleted
 The virus creates hidden files and its sub keys in the registry. Generally by the name ……


  Sometimes Antivirus can be the cause of your PC problems. Corrupt Antivirus can conflict with other programs and cause system crashes.
 Do not run more than one antivirus on your pc as they both might conflict and make your system unstable.


 Caution : Incorrect Registry Editing can cause serious problems. Please be careful while editing registry or contact our supoprt team to fix it remotley
 Browse To The following Registry Sub Key and delete them
 Click Start Menu >>> Click Run Button >>> Type regedit in the Open Box
 Then click OK.

Registry 2

  Click on Start
 Click on Run
 Type In regedit and click on OK

Browse To The following Registry Sub Key and delete them

 Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Now Expand System >> Click on Current Control Set >> Then Expand Control
 Then select Content Index
 Now on the right hand side locate the key STARTUP DELAY

How to Uninstall

 Click on start  >> control Pannel >>  Click on Add remove programms >> Click on the program pctotal defender and remove

How shut down a process from task manger

 Shut Down any process running of Pc Total Defender
 Open Task Manager
 Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on the keyboard to open Task Manager
 Close these process ctdf.exe & pctdf.exe

How To search And Delete

 Delete All files and folder related to PC Total Defeneder
 Click on Start >> Search >> Type
 Do select in Advanced options “hidden files and folders
 Click on Search now

Restalling a Driver

 Go to strat >> run >> type in
 devmgmt.msc click on ok.
 On the devise manger window click on
 On the devise manger window click on the + sign befor display adaptor.
 check if there is any yellow exclamtion or question mark. Right Click and uninstall Driver
 Reboot PC – On reboot PC will reload drivers on its own
 In case if the system prompts for the CD then insert the Driver Disc and continue with driver repair or reinstall.
 (Driver Disc is generally provided by the manufacturer, its the motherboard CD ) Reboot
 This process will reload drivers and may fix the problem

Check your RAM

 Check If any of your RAM is malfunctioning. If you have 2 rams installed then try removing one them and reboot PC. Poor and damaged RAM can also cause such errors.

Event Log

 Check Event Log
 Click on start. Click on Run
 Type –  eventvwr.msc


 Click on Start  >> Control Panel >> Administrator Tools >> Event Viewer
 Click on Application
 (In vista click on windows Logs and then application)
 Here you need to look for red X with error reports. This will let you know what caused your pc to crash last time or program conflicting on your PC. Advisable to remove the program and  then check if your PC works better or not.


 Windows Event Log is very helpful in analysing the exact problem on the PC. Event log keeps record of all error messages and programs which causes conlifcts,
 crashes or shutdown.
 Event Log generally reflects error codes, programm name or process which caused system crash.

Short Canned

 Click on Start >> Click on Run
 Type in The Run Box
 Now Type In the CMD Box


 Download and Run Hijackthis utility from below link and send the log to our Suport Team to analyse for Virus, Spyware or any other system Errors. Download the Hijakcthis from below link. Run Hijakcthis >> Click on Scan and Save log. Email the log as attachmnet or paste in your Email to or Post on below link. Our Support Team willinstantly reply back to you with details of bugs & Errors found in the log.

 This problem may occur if the computer is infected with …..
 PC Optimizing Tweaks
Tech Advise 1

Defrag Your PC.

 It is important to defrag your PC once a month to keep the performance of the PC up to date
 Click on start >>> Programs >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmentor  CLick on Defrag Now Defrag will help to clean any bad sectors on drive, increase disk space, speed up your PC performance

Step 2
Run Check Disk Command

 Check Disk


 Run Check Disk to Fix the above error
 Reboot your PC and press F8 key continously until Menu appears in DOS mode.
 Select command prompt from the list. Now in the command prompt type chkdsk c: /f /r (space after chkdsk & space after c: ) EnterThis may take some time. You may get an error “windows cannot check the Disk- Do you want to run on reboot” Type Yes or Y Enter reboot


 The /f command will fix the errors. The r /r command finds bad sectors and recovers information which is readable. A reboot is required.
 the /f command automatically fixes any errors encountered, the /r command locates bad sectors and recovers readable information

Alternative for Check Disk

 HI Phil
 Thanks for your email
 Please Right Click on C drive
 Click Properties
 Click On Tools
 Click on Check Now
 Put a Check on Both Blank Options
 Click on Ok
 A windows will say that it will run on next boot
 Click YES
 Reboot PC
 It will Run through Some Scans on Boot Up
 Let me the results tomorrow

Step 3
Clean Junk Files

 Open My Computer >> Right “C” drive >> Properties
 Click on Disc Clean Up >> Select all options found
 Next >> Delete All >> Finish
 This will delete all junk files not required, thereby providing more disc space, improving browsing speed & System performance

Step 4
Remove Unwanted Programs

 Please go To Control Pannel >> Add Remove Programs.
 Look for the programs that are not required. Please make sure you know what you are uninstalling. Uninstall program & games not required anymore. This will remvove any unwated process running on the PC & help to speed up PC.

Step 5
Antvirus Conflicts

 Any corrupt Antivirus application is highly responsible for conflicts on PC. A corrupt antivirus application can slow down the PC, Cause crashes, shut down problems & boot Up problem
 Completely uninstall the Antivirus program. Download and install any free version of Antivirus or reinstall the antivirus program.
 Also one must not run 2 antivirus programs on the PC. Please install and run only one antivirus to avoid conflicts.

Step 6
Speed Up start UP

 Click on Start >> Run >> Type Msconfig
 Click on start Up tab
 Here you would see a list of programs which would start up when the PC is booting Up. Most of the programs are programed to start when the PC is booting up which increases the Boot up time.
 So you can uncheck the programs which are not required to start when the PC is booting up. This saves time on boot up and helps to speed up start up. Thereby helps to speed up PC.Unchecking them will not delete the programs at all. They will be just disbled to boot when the PC is starting. You can always open the programs from program list or desktop shortcuts.
 This helps to speed Up PC, Improve performance & remove any errors on start up.

Step 7
Corrupt Application Conflicts

 Any Corrupt Application can be the cause of PC errors, Slow PC, Boot up & Shut down problems, BSOD Errors Etc..
 Open Event Viewer to check the faulty program.
 Please click >> start >>control panel >> administrator tools >> click >> Event viewer in the event viewer click on application.
 You will see applications with the red cross click – on red cross applications which will futher give you the error details with faulty application name.
 Once you know the application then it can be simply remove from add remove programs and reinstalled

Roll Back Driver

 Rolling Back Driver Might fix the problem
 Click On Start Menu >> Right Click On My Computer  >> Click On properties >>Device Manage r>> Double Click on DVD/CD ROM
 Right Click On CD-ROM ATA Device & then Right Click On Properties >>Click On Driver>> Click On Rollback Driver & then Click Ok.

Control Panel

 Click on the start Button >>> Click on the Control Panel >>> Click Add/Remove Program
 Find the  zangosearch program installed in your computer here
 Click Remove to remove the program completely from your computer.

Program Files

 Caution: Please Delete the Files from the Program File very carefully. Be sure that you are not going to Delete any useful Windows File or any other File.
 Click on the start Button >>> Click My Computer >>>
 Double Click Drive:C >>> Double Click Program Files
 Search for the following files in the Program Files and Delete them


 Caution: Please Delete the Files from the Program File very carefully. Be sure that you are not going to Delete any useful Windows File or any other File.
 Click on Start Button >>> Double Click the Drive:C >>> Double Click the Windows Folder >>> Double Click the System 32 Folder
 Delete the following files carefully.

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