Windows Running Synergy application in Windows Vista

Running Synergy application in Windows Vista

Running Synergy application in Windows Vista

How to Fix Running Synergy application in Windows Vista

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 Are you using the outstanding Synergy application on Windows Vista to share your keyboard & mouse between computers?
 Did you notice any weird behaviour with your Synergy application in Windows Vista… especially when running this application requires administrator permission?
 If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. This problem is, Synergy is not able to have the administrator rights to run itself in admin mode.

What exactly is Synergy?

 Synergy is a utility that allows sharing of a single mouse and keyboard across multiple computers running different OS.
 The difference between Synergy and VNC or remote desktop is that each computer uses a separate monitor for display.
 Let us take an example to see the actual working of Synergy.
 I have 3 computers, one using Vista, 2nd is a MAC and the third one is running Kubuntu as the operating system I have connected keyboard and mouse to computer using Windows Vista. Mouse can be seen travelling from one screen to another, as if I am using a giant display screen with 3 different monitors because the mouse can be seen moving from one monitor to other.

Running synergy in Administrator Mode

 The major trouble with Synergy is that I can’t move the mouse between different computers.
 The only solution to this problem is running Synergy in administrator mode, procedure for which is mentioned below:
 Right-click on the Synergy shortcut icon, and select the Advanced button on the Shortcut tab.
 Select and check the “Run as administrator”, option. This way the application will be forced to run in administrator mode each time.

Automatic Starting of Synergy

 You cannot start Synergy automatically as other applications start themselves as a service because the new security feature in Windows Vista prevents system services from interacting with the desktop. Instead, you can launch the application using Startup mode.

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