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How to fix disappeared icon and images after installing software on laptop

Fix disappeared icon and images after installing software on laptop

I installed F17 software on my laptop. It was working fine with my laptop but after some customization, it gives some error. When I restart my laptop, all program icons such as google chrome, firefox, etc disappeared and the background image of my laptop screen is disappeared and converts background in a blue screen.

How to fix disappeared images after installing software on laptop?

Solution 1

If you are trying to get Control Panel, Recycle Bin, Network or User file icon back, then you need to right-click on your desktop > Personalize > on the left-hand click Change Desktop Icon > Check the icons you want to show on the desktop.

Solution 2:

In Windows XP, Right-click on the desktop > Select Arrange Icons By > make sure Show Desktop Icon is active

Normally, it is an explorer.exe issue. Other methods are restarting the explorer process.

Restarting Explorer.exe file

Press Control + ALT + Delete button at the same time and select Task Manager. Choose the Start task manager button in Windows 7 or higher

When Task Manager opens, click File > New Task (Run)

When Create New Task box open, type explorer.exe > then click OK

All done, it will restart the Explorer and possibly you will get your desktop icons, Start button and Taskbar icons.


If the above methods do not work, it may be some of the system files that are corrupted. The best method is to run System File Checker, it will check the damaged and missing system files and will repair them.
Go to Start menu > Run > type CMD and then type sfc /scannow

Please make sure to run the command prompt as an Admin.

Disable Sleep Mode

There is another reason for disappeared desktop icons, it might be because of your monitor. If you noticed that after your monitor goes to sleep the problem occurred, you have to change monitor settings.
I noticed this issue comes on full HD Monitors. I used to turn off and on the monitor to fix this issue

Solution for Windows 10 desktop icon disappeared

Step 1

Desktop Icon Enable

Click on Start menu and type Settings
In settings, click Personalization, in Left panel select Themes option.
Click Desktop Icon Settings to enable icons visibility
Select icons which you want to show on the desktop and then hit Apply button

Step 2

Show all Windows Icons

Right-click on the desktop > select view
In the View tab, make sure Show desktop icons option enabled.
Then, you will get your desktop missing icons back.

Step 3

Tablet Mode disabled

In Windows 10 there are 2 built-in Modes – Desktop and Tablet. If you enable Tablet mode then the icon will be not showing on desktop.

Open Settings > click System settings
Lon the left-hand side, click on Tablet mode and make it turn off. Then check the desktop if icons come

Recover Desktop Missing Files

If none of the solutions provided above have worked, then it might you have to take another action. You can try one more action, create a new user account on your PC, it might solve the issue. Many times user-profiles corrupted and the only solution to fix it is to create a new user profile.

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How to fix disappearing of icon and images after installing software on laptop/ Error on disappearing of icon and images after installing software

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