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 Trying to give computer advice on the phone or via e-mail can be frustrating, and the person that needs help always ends up with no help at all, just a lot of misplaced information.
 A quite and simple application such as CrossLoop should fix this big misunderstanding and help your friend actually get your help.
 Of course the application would have to be installed on their computer as well.

 Open you CrossLoop Copy and start hosting a session. Enter your name and below the code your friend has set, so you can access their PC.
 Copy the same access code and paste it also in the previous Tab, then come back to this one and try to click on Conect.
 Call them so they don’t get worried and advice them to accept if they really want your help.
  It’s a small incompatibility problem common in Vista, they will just have to click unblock.

If they did everything as they should have done, now you see their Pc from your house.

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