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ERROR|| Printer Display Errors

ERROR|| Printer Display Errors

How to Fix Printer Display Errors

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 Most networked printers will have a display that will tell you its status.
 No Display
 Turn the printer on. Offline
 Press the Go or Online button.
 If this does not change the printer display to Online: Power the printer off for 1 minute and then turn it back on.

Paper Jam

 Open the doors and remove any paper being careful not to tear it and lose pieces inside.
 Paper may also be lodged under the toner cartridge so you may have to pull it out.
 If you believe you have removed the paper but the display still says Paper Jam power the printer off for 1 minute and turn it back on.
 If the jam is severe an IT Services technician can help remove the jam.
 Contact the Help Desk. Processing Job
 If the printer displays Processing Job but nothing is printing the job may just be really large and taking a while to print.
 If it has not printed after 5 minutes press the Cancel Job button on the printer.
 If the job will not cancel power the printer off for 1 minute and turn it back on. IO or Other Error Most IO errors will be cleared by powering the printer off for 1 minute and turning it back on.
 You may also need to check to make sure the network cable on the printer is plugged securely into the printer and into the network jack on the wall.

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