Errors Dell Inspiron 3520 with Recording problem

Dell Inspiron 3520 with Recording problem

Fix Recording Problem Dell Inspiron 3520

I have a Dell Inspiron 3520 and i want to create a video tutorial but whenever I trying to record but this software is using any other program and also the audio is not recorded. I have also updated the drivers to Cirrus Logic High Definition Audio but still the problem is not solved. I am having Windows 7 Professional 32-bit as the operating system. I am not able to understand where is the problem. If anybody could help solve my problem, I would be very thankful.

How to Fix Recording Problem Dell Inspiron 3520?

 You may open the Recording tab of Sound properties and then (right click on the volume icon on the taskbar and select the Recording devices) and find the mic that you are using on the list of Recording device. If your mic is not in the list then right click on the blank white area and check “show disabled devices” and “disconnected devices”.

Conexant Recording tab Insp 5520 Win 8.jpg-550x0

 Right click on your microphone to open the context menu, then select it to be the default device and open the Windows Sound Recorder & (type Sound Recorder in the search box) and make a recording. You should see the bar move and hear your recording upon playback.If the mic does not work in Sound Recorder it might be broken. If it does work in Sound Recorder but not in your video recording program, othervise there is the problem in a configuration issue.

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