General Printer Unable To Print | Printer Is Not Working

Printer Unable To Print | Printer Is Not Working

Printer Unable To Print

How to fix printer is unable to print

Please do the following steps if the Printer is not working

Step 1

 Update and reload your drivers
 Check the Web site for your printer’s manufacturer and download
 the latest version of the driver software for your printer.
 Click On Start Menu >> Click Settings Menu >> Printers folder
 Right-click on the icon for your printer.
 Click On Delete.
 Double-click on the Add Printer icon in the Printers folder.
 Follow the Add Printer wizard directions to reinstall the driver software.

Step 2

 Check your parallel port settings
 Right-click on My Computer >> Click On Properties
 Go to Device Manager >> Double-click on Ports
 Double-Click on Printer Port >> Click On the Resources tab.
 Check the Conflicting device list box if there is an interrupt request line conflict
 No other device should be using the same IRQ as the printer port.
 Disable the offending device or assign it a new IRQ if there is a conflict
 To disable a device, find it in Device Manager >> Open Properties dialog box >> Click On General tab >> check Disable in this hardware profile.

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