How to fix PC running slow

Tech Advise:1

 Is it free from dust and dirt dust and dirt builds up inside a computer and this can affect your cooling fans reducing the amount of airflow. Reduced airflow can cause your processor to overheat resulting in slow operation or even unexpected shutdowns.
 Many of today’s processors have the ability to throttle back slow down if the core temperature reaches a certain threshold.
 Cleaning the inside of your system is relatively easy – you just need to take some sensible precautions.

Tech Advise:2
 Please clean temp files from pc:
 Temp files can build up over time and eat into your precious disk space.
 When you install programmes the installer uses temporary files as part of the set up process.
 Some programmes also use temp files when in use.
 These temp files should be removed when the installer or programme is finished but this does not always happen.
 And of course your browser will collect temp files as well.
 A build up of temp files could leave Windows struggling to find room for its swap file .
 There are two easy ways to clean out temp files.
 First one is Manually and another is By using a proprietary cleaning programme.
 Manually for xp and vista
 Firstly exit all programmes including browsers and AVs
 Click on Start Menu >> Run & type %Temp% & Click Ok
 If you want to delete everything press Ctrl+A & then press the delete key
 If you want to keep any files then hold down the Ctrl key and left click the file or folder.
 Then press the delete key.
 Click OK to confirm deletion.
 Once done remember to go to your Recycle Bin and empty the bin.
 By using a proprietary programmer.
 Click On Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Cleanup.

Tech Advise:3

 Do you still have some old programmes installed
 When did you last use them Remember that ‘trial’ software you installed
 Has the trial period expired Could you perhaps uninstall it assuming you have the original installation disks
 Uninstalling such programmes will help free vital disk space.
 Oh always re-boot after uninstalling – it helps to clear away the final remnants of an uninstalled programme.

Tech Advise:4

 Reduce the number of programmes loading at start up:
  Click Mode >> Advanced to ensure you have access to the Tools section
  then select System Startup in the left pane.
  A list of programmes that start when you boot up will be displayed in the right pane.
  You simply uncheck the ones you don’t need.

Tech Advise:5

 Do you have enough RAM.
 Lack of memory can be a real issue.
 Especially with today’s high performance machines and Operating Systems
 Vista works well with 2GB and XP with 1GB.
 You can use more of course but as a minimum these figures are accurate.

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