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How to fix rundll32.exe

fix rundll32.exe How to fix rundll32.exe Tech Advise:1 ↣ Click on start ..Search for files and folders. Search for rundll32.exe↣ Do click on search in hidden files as well.↣ If found then copy and paste in system 32 folder. Please only copy rundll32.exe from below location only ↣ C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution↣  C:\i386↣ Copy rundll32.exe from above location . . . Read more

CD-ROM not working on Windows Vista

CD-ROM not working on Windows Vista How to Fix CD Rom not working on windows vista Tech advice:1 ↣ Please click on start run << type devmgmt.msc >> and then↣ click on the +DVD/CD-ROM option >> right click on your DVD/CD-ROM drive >> choose unistall reboot your machine. Tech advice:2 ↣ Click on . . . Read more

Vista Servise Pack 1 Download | Download Latest Vista Updates

Vista Servise Pack 1 Download | Download Latest Vista Updates How to Download vista service pack 1 Tech Advise: Download or Upgrade to Vista SP1 from below link. ↣ http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/quick-start/sp1.aspx Direct Download Link ↣ http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=B0C7136D-5EBB-413B-89C9-CB3D06D12674&displaylang=en How Do i Download Vista Updates ↣ Start Windows Update By Clicking on start >> Programs >>Click on . . . Read more

Unable to Download Microsoft Update

Unable to Download Microsoft Update How to Download Microsoft Update ↣ First Try to Enable the Automatic Update process. If no good then you can reset or reinstall Updates as in step 2 on this page↣ Critical Steps, Suggested for advanced users only, you may also download and run this tool to . . . Read more

WIN-ASPI file – cannot be found | Aspi Drivers | APIX.VXD

WIN-ASPI file – cannot be found  | Aspi Drivers | APIX.VXD How to Fix WIN-ASPI file – cannot be found Tech Advise: ↣ This error can pop up on running Nero or some other applications↣ Download and Update Aspi drivers Windows 98 | Me http://technopcsupport.googlepages.com/aspi.zip ↣ Unzip the in System directory or copy . . . Read more

CiceroUIWndframe not Responding

CiceroUIWndframe not Responding How to fix CiceroUIWndframe not Responding ↣ Click Start >> Control Panel >> Add Remove programs↣ Look for Microsoft Office >> Click on Change Button ↣ Browse To Office Shared Features, Alternative User Input and select Speech & Handwriting recognition and change to Not Available from the drop down Box . . . Read more

Unable To Defrag PC

Unable To Defrag PC How to fix Unable To Defrag PC Tech Advise: Problem : Unable to defragment the PC Getting error message “ Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume: C: , Please run chkdsk/f” Solution 1: ↣ Press F8 function key at startup.↣ It . . . Read more

How To Remove Antivirus 360

Remove Antivirus 360 Please follow the below instructions which will remove the infection from your PC that is antivirus 360 How To Remove Antivirus 360 Step 1. ↣ Stop the process av360.exe or antivirus 360↣ Open Task manager and stop the following process↣ Click on ctrl + alt + del key to open . . . Read more

How To fix Dll Errors

Fix Dll Errors How To fix Dll Errors Tech Advise: ↣ Dlls are set of rules and instructions to run a particular program or windows application. If a specific Dll is missing then that program might not work properly↣ Download the missing or corrupt Dll from below link and save in System . . . Read more

Printer Spooler Problem

Printer Spooler Problem How to fix Printer Spooler Problem Tech Advise:1 If your printer is a USB printer then do the following: ↣ First of all please remove the USB Cable from your PC completely.↣ Restart your PC without connecting USB cable back to your PC.↣ When PC boot up properly then fist . . . Read more

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