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Mobility with Windows Mobility Center

Mobility with Windows Mobility Center

How to use the Windows Mobility Center

Tech Advice 1

 Windows Vista has an exciting feature that is extremely beneficial and provides quick access to most of the functions that a user requires.
 In order to open the Mobility Center press WIN Key + X to launch the Mobility window.

Mobility Features:

 Following are amazing features provided by Windows Mobility Centre:
 Display Brightness    In Battery mode, Windows Vista reduces the brightness of your screen.
 You can adjust the brightness settings for the same using Mobility Center.
 Volume    Allows increasing or decreasing the volume.
 Battery    Shows current battery status and allows management of Power scheme.
 Network Center    Allows turning of wireless network on/off.
 Screen Rotation    Quickly rotate your screen in any direction you want.

Some other shortcuts

 Mute Volume    WIN Key + X and then press ALT + M
 Change Volume    WIN Key + X and use up/down arrow keys
 Change Brightness    WIN Key + X and use up/down arrow keys

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