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Loose the Internet Titles When printing

Loose the Internet Titles When printing

How to Loose the Internet Titles When printing

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 Sometimes we find something catchy on the net that we just have to print out and show it to others.
 The down site is that vista will always place the page at the bottom, so now everyone knows your source of funny things and you are no longer interesting, the page itself becomes more interesting than you.
 For every page you want to print, your printer will allow you to preview the finished result.
 Here you will find a little button with two horizontal lines as below. If headers were on, clicking it will disable them for the current page.
 When printing often from internet sources, it can get irritating to preview each file.
 So instead of that, go to Page Setup and there you can get rid of the up and down page text forever.
 A simple click should make this screen appear.

Where you see written Heard or Footer erase everything and you won’t have to worry again about them.

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