General Java Icon in the system tray

Java Icon in the system tray

Java Icon in system tray

How to Fix Java Icon in the System tray

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 It’s getting really annoying how everything we install automatically puts itself onto our system tray.
 Maybe the manufactures should write an essay about how useful their icon is, and why they insist on taking up our tray space and our system memory with their icons.
 Maybe when they do that, we can understand and keep their icons.
 But in the meantime, we have to deal with the absolutely useless JAVA tray icon. Right clicking it will open a drag menu.

 It doesn’t have an option tab, but it has a control panel that might help. Here we do find the options we are looking for.
 Under Java tab, the Pen tablet link opens another menu. Here click Java.
 You will find the tray option in the last tab, called advanced.
 Un-mark the place icon option, then go to your tray and hide it, as it insists to stay there, and now rest assured as it’s gone forever.

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