Errors Internet Explorer Loading Errors

Internet Explorer Loading Errors

Internet Explorer Loading Errors

How to Fix Internet Explorer Loading Errors

Tech Advice: 1

 Did you recently changed something in the registry or did you do any windows updates
 Because if this is the case then this may be the cause of this error & i would advice you to do a system restore with your pc.

Tech Advise: 2

 Click on Start Menu & then Click On run
 In the run type  regedit & do a search for M3PLUGIN.DLL when found delete that registry & then restart your machine.

Tech Advise:3

 Please try simply reloading the page by either clicking the web browser’s refresh button or by pressing F5 key or Ctrl+R Comm&+R for Macs
 Press Shift + Ctrl keys at the same time & while holding them
 Click the web browser’s refresh button.
 Keep holding Shift & Control while the page reloads.
 It forces the web browser to re-download all files from the server & not just refresh them.
 Clear the web browser’s cache.
 This is usually the most effective way to fix all sorts of problems:

Internet Explorer 6:

 Clikc on  tools >> Internet Options in the menu
 Click Delete Files button in the temporary Internet files section of the General tab & then hit Ok

.Internet Explorer 7:

 Click on  tools >> Internet Options in the menu
 Click Delete button in the browsing history section of the general tab & then click delete files button next to temporary Internet Files


 Click On  tools>>Options select the Privacy tab
 Click Clear now button make sure cache check-box is selected
 you might want to unselect other check-boxes & then hit clear private data now button.
 If clearing the cache doesn’t seem to help try closing down your web browser all windows & start it again.
 Or restart your computer altogether.
 It is possible that your web browser simply does not support a particular feature required by our website.
 We routinely test our website with the latest versions of the following web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera.
  If you are using a different web browser please consider switching. If you are using one of the browsers listed, please make sure to upgrade to the latest version.  
 If you are using a mobile phone or an h&held device to access our website try enabling the Legacy chess board option in your account’s settings the Settings button in the main menu to the left.
 Please note that it is designed for maximum compatibility so it has reduced functionality & no Submit button so all the moves you make will be submitted immediately.
 If you are using Mozilla Firefox try temporarily disabling all third-party plug-ins & extensions to make sure they are not interfering in any way.

If you are using Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/etc.

 please make sure to promptly download & install all the latest patches from Microsoft Windows Update.
 Check your computer for viruses & spyware as they can be interfering with your web browser as well.
 If you are using Internet Explorer make sure you have HTTP 1.1 enabled:
 Click On  tools >>Internet Options in the menu
 Select Advanced tab & then make sure that both Use HTTP 1.1 & Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections boxes are checked it’s in the “HTTP 1.1 settings category
 Please do not skip any of these steps even if they seem unimportant or unlikely to be the cause of the problem

They are not just r&om suggestions, but real solutions that we have collected over the years.

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