General How to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

How to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

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We all know that laptop computers can be highly convenient and they are so easy to take almost everywhere you go, and still ensure you have access to all of your necessary documents and files. Gone are the days of being forced to wait until you get home to access your files, with a good laptop you can access them anywhere. The good news is that this type of convenience is available, the bad news is that laptops are very expensive, and are highly prone to some types of damage that most users do not even think of, until after it is too late to prevent the damage. Avoiding these common problems can help your laptop last much longer, and prolong the life over several years.

Avoid holding the laptop on your lap or moving it around continuously. The reason for this is because all of the wires and cords that are attached for any reason are slightly tugged each time you move the slightest bit when the computer is in your lap. This is practically unavoidable since as humans we are unable to sit perfectly still while using the computer, you may not realize but even typing your body is shifting slightly, which causes the computer to shift slightly and thus puts slight pressure on those ports and connectors. Over the course of time, this can cause your ports to wear out.

Additionally, many users inadvertently damage their laptops by the way they pick them up or carry them. In general, most laptops are constructed from plastic, which is in general very easy to break. Picking up the laptop by the corner, carrying it excessively without proper protection for the unit, or even putting too much pressure on it as you carry it can all cause the plastic to crack. Sometimes the damage is something that can be overlooked, and other times the damage can be so excessive that it must be repaired to continue using the computer.

Use a laptop cooler if you use the laptop continuously. Most laptops are just not built with the large amounts of fans and airflow that desktop models have. It is impossible to do, and those who use their laptops continuously are well aware of this problem as the laptop starts to heat up over time. To help avoid damaging the inside components always use a laptop cooler to help keep the temperature regulated and ensure your computer has the longest life possible.

Never leave your laptop unattended. This is especially important if you are taking it out in public with you. Think about it this way, would you go into a busy restaurant and leave your wallet with checkbook, cash, credit cards and personal information just lying around on the table? Most people would never do that, but people think nothing of leaving their laptop alone on a table. For many people highly personal information about their credit cards, social security numbers and even banking information is stored on the computer. Losing the information can be a horrible experience, and in general allowing your computer to be stolen over your own negligence will be an awful experience. Always keep your laptop with you, and never leave it directly in front of a window in your home either. This is simply tempting people who are dishonest into taking advantage of the situation.


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