Windows How to Fix Windows Runtime Registry Errors

How to Fix Windows Runtime Registry Errors

Windows Runtime Registry Errors

Your Windows registry is an enormous database in which is stored information regarding your hardware devices, software applications, settings and configurations, and user preferences. Your Windows OS refers to the Windows registry every time it loads your PC or attempts to operate an application or device. If your Windows registry becomes corrupted because of erroneous or unnecessary entries, your Windows OS will have a much harder time locating the information it needs.

How to Fix Windows Runtime Registry Errors

Some Windows registry errors, called runtime errors, are more common than others. Here are three of the most common runtime errors, and suggestions about how you can repair them:

Debug Error – Windows Unable to Load

 One of your registry files is called the DLL file for Dynamic Link Library. DLL files have.dll extensions, and your PC system and program .dll files, along with the DLL files for your hardware devices and software applications are stored together in the registry.

 The problem causing your runtime error arises when a separate programs share the same DLL name, while being stored in different registry directories. When that occurs, all your DLL files will be installed whichever program your Windows OS starts first, and programs which boot up afterwards will have to share those files with the first program.

Wrong Version

 Getting this registry runtime error means that links to outdated versions of Java are still present in your registry, and that they’ll have to be removed. Removing old Java data from your registry, however, may require that you change other registry code as well, and could require you to reinstall the applications with the codes you’ve changed.

NoClassDefFound Error

 You may get this registry runtime error message if one of your PC programs is accessing an outdated version of Java in your IE browser, and that Java version is incapable of performing the program task. This error results because your Windows registry still contains old values. Fixing it will require you to clean the windows registry, removing the obsolete links to the old Java version so that your program will automatically choose the later one.

The Easiest Way to Fix Runtime Errors

 Resolving a registry runtime error can be extremely difficult, because it requires be called within the registry to be changed. But even a single mistake keystroke can cause serious problems with your Windows registry and your computer’s functioning, and your registry has thousands of thousands of entries which you’d have to examine to learn where the problem lies. If you’re like most PC users, you simply don’t have the technical steels to do the job properly.
 The best and safest way to repair any registry runtime errors is simply to install a reliable registry cleaner, like PC Doctor Pro.

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