Windows Disable Windows Calendar in Windows Vista

Disable Windows Calendar in Windows Vista

Disable Calendar in Windows Vista

How to Disable Calendar in Windows Vista

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 Do you ever use the Calendar?  If so, then this probably isn’t for you as you will learn how to disable it.
 This calendar does keep track of what day it is a lot faster and very accurate.
 However, if it does get on your nerves and you wish to just make it disappear, then proceed and read on.
 The catch for is that it can’t be uninstalled because Microsoft won’t allow that to happen.
 You can’t blame them at all in case of a mistake on time and such.  However, it can be disabled and that’s about it.
 You probably will still see the icon though despite disabling it.
 If you click on the button once disabled, you should then receive an error message.
 You should be able to remove it from almost anywhere with no trouble at all.

Manual Registry Edit Hack

 You have to open regedit.exe via the start menu search engine box.  The next item is that you have to browse to the following key below; it’ll create the key if in the event it doesn’t exist.  Follow this route directly otherwise it won’t work.
 You then have to create a 32-bit DWORD called TurnOffWinCal and give it a value of 1.
 This is how to you do through the Registry Edit Hack.  Read below and you will have an idea on how to get rid of it in the Start Menu.

Remove from the Start Menu

 If you, however, want to remove it, then keep reading.  You have to paste the following address below.
↣ The address is the shell: Common Start Menu.  What you must do next is make sure that you see the Windows Calendar shortcut involved.  It can be deleted a lot faster this way.
 If you got rid of it and want it re-enabled, you must create a shortcut called wincal.exe in the folder below and that should do the trick.

Which one is better?

 Either could work but it depends on what you view is easier.  If you wish to remove it from the start menu, then use the previous above just above.
 As far as the registry hack goes, if you want to do it that way, then you have to follow it with no room of error.

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