virus How to fix trojan Vundo virus | remove Vundo files in Windows XP Vista

How to fix trojan Vundo virus | remove Vundo files in Windows XP Vista

Remove Vundo Files in Windows XP vista

Vundo can severely decrease your system memory and slow down your computer.

Vundo spreads through emails with links to insecure websites that exploit security holes of Internet Explorer.

How to Remove & Fix Vundo virus files?

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How to delete Vundo files in Windows XP and Vista:

Click On Start menu & from Search click For Files and Folders
A speech bubble will pop up asking you What do you want to search for
Click  All files and folders
Type a Vundo file in the search box and select Local Hard Drives.
Click Search Once the file is found delete it.

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How to stop Vundo processes

Click On Start menu & select Run.
Type taskmgr.exe into the Run command box & click OK.
You can also launch the Task Manager by pressing keys ALT + CTRL + DELETE or CTRL + Shift + ESC.
Click Processes tab, and find Vundo processes.
Once you’ve found the Vundo processes right-click them and select End Process to kill Vundo.

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How to remove Vundo registry keys:

Click on  Start  & click Run  An Open field will appear.
Type regedit & click OK to open up your Registry Editor.
Registry Editor will open as a window with two panes.
The left side Registry Editor’s window lets you select various registry keys & the right side displays the registry values of the registry key you select.
To find a registry key such as any Vundo registry keys select Edit then select Find and in the search bar type any of Vundo’s registry keys.

As soon as Vundo registry key appears you can delete the Vundo registry key by right-clicking it and selecting Modify then clicking Delete.

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How to delete Vundo DLL files:

First, locate Vundo DLL files you want to delete.
Click Start menu & click Run.
Type cmd in Run & click OK.
To change your current directory type cd in the command box press your Space key & enter the full directory where the Vundo DLL file is located.
If you’re not sure if the Vundo DLL file is located in a particular directory enter dir in the command box to display a directory’s contents.
To go one directory back enter cd in the command box and press Enter.

When you’ve located the Vundo DLL file you want to remove type regsvr32 /u SampleDLLName.dll and press your Enter key.

Tech Advise:5
Detect and Delete Other Vundo Files

To open the Windows Command Prompt
Click On  Start  >> Run >> type cmd and then press the OK button.
Type in  dir /A name_of_the_folder for example C:\Spyware-folder which will display the folder’s content even the hidden files.
To change directory type in cd name_of_the_folder
Once you have the file you’re looking for type in del name_of_the_file.
To delete a file in the folder, type in “del name_of_the_file”.
To delete the entire folder type in  rmdir /S name_of_the_folder.
Select the Vundo process & click on the End Process button to kill it.

Remove the Vundo processes files

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