virus How to remove Adware.Mirar

How to remove Adware.Mirar

Remove Adware.Mirar

How to remove Adware.Mirar

Please do the following steps

Step 1

Caution : Back up your data on your computer. Uninstalling Mirar can pose a risk to the files on your computer.
Press the keys Alt + Ctrl + Delete. It will open the system task manager.
Click the Processes Button.
Find the Mirar file.
End that process.

Step 2

Click the Start Menu  >>  Click the Run Button  >>
In the open space type regedit and clock OK.
Find the Mirar Registry files in the registry editor
Delete these files.
Caution : Incorrect Registry Editing can cause serious problems. Please be careful while editing registry or contact our support team to fix it remotley.
Click the Start Menu  >>  Click the Run Button  >>
In the open space type dir and click OK.
It will display the contentents of the directory.
Unregister the DLL files Mirar has copied to your computer

Locate the following files: windmy.dll, winnb[X].dll, winnb40.dll, winnb41.dll, nn_bar.dll, nn_bar21.dll, nn_bar22.dll, nn_bar31.dll.
Delete each one by typing “regsvr32 /u FILENAME.dll”, for example “regsvr32 /u windmy.dll” and press enter.
Delete Mirar files.
Click The Start Menu  >>  Click the Search Button
In the open Space type the name of these files, mit3.tmp,, mirarsetup.exe and 87455-NOSB.exe.
To get better results, select “Look in: Local Hard Drives” or “Look in: My Computer” and then
click “Search” button.

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