General Get Rid Of Unwanted ISP Info

Get Rid Of Unwanted ISP Info

Get Rid Of Unwanted ISP Info

How to get rid of Unwanted ISP Info

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 Some just can’t resist the temptation of getting into your life by force.
 So they are net providers, they make your connection work, they…. But still you pay for it and you don’t want to read the same commercial over and over on every page you open.
 The company name or whatever they feel like writing will appear on your pages in the title bar.

 To take away this ludicrous rubbish from iexplore, use regedot and scroll till you find the following:
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
 Look for the text you saw every time in your title bar and you will find it somewhere in the left list.

Don’t click it to delete the text only, you can erase the entire key, it’s not useful, it’s just added there

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