Windows Fix “Sleep Mode” Randomly Waking Up in Windows Vista

Fix “Sleep Mode” Randomly Waking Up in Windows Vista

Fix sleeping mode issue randomly Waking Up in Windows

How to Fix randomly Waking Up in Windows

Tech Advice 1

 Even on desktop computers, it has happened on occasion.
 To be honest, it really gets rather annoying and sometimes can be rather difficult to get it out of sleep mode.
 I have had happened on my desktop with Vista on it.  While there is a way to stop it in a notebook, this however might prove to be useful for desktops with Vista.
 To the best of my knowledge, it does have that issue on XP but if it does, it may be useful as well.
 Its 1st item will be for Desktop users and the last part of it will deal with people that use notebooks with Vista installed.

Desktop Help

 For this setting, it would be best to go into the Control Panel.
 This should help you out whenever you have a problem or just want to stop it from doing so.
 The next item to do is to go into your System and Maintenance and just click on it.
 go directly into your Power Options.
 You will then have three possible options to use.
 I recommend sticking with balanced more so than the others based upon personal use.
  Once there, go to your edit plan settings and after that, it should be as directed below with what I’ve set it to as an example
 This should help for anyone who uses a desktop with Vista involved.

Notebook Help

 For this item, it’s actually simple and can be rather effective.  It is called disabling the Wake on LAN feature.
 It means that it is set to wake whenever it wakes up network traffic.
 If you want to stop it from doing so, just go directly into the Device Manager as directed in this screenshot below.
 You must then go into “Network Adaptors” and then find yours.  In the screenshot below is an example of what it would look like.
 Right-click and then go into properties.  You then have to click on power management.
 All that you have to do is uncheck the “Allow this device to wake up the computer” and it should solve your problem.
 Doing this will give you a warning about having it enabled in the 1st place, which is your choice on that.


 These tips should help you out and you shouldn’t have any problems from that point forward with it.
 I thought about this in case anyone didn’t have a notebook but use a desktop instead.

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