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Error Code 0x800ccc90 in Outlook

Error Code 0x800ccc90 in Outlook

How to Fix Error Code 0x800ccc90 in Outlook

Please do the following steps to fix the Error Code 0x800ccc90

Step 1

 Click On Start Menu >> Click Email Outlook Express
 Click Tools >> point to Send/Receive Settings & then click Define Send/Receive Groups
 Click New In the Send/Receive Group Name box
 Type the name that you want to give this group
 In the left pane under Accounts
 Click the account that you want to include in this group & then
 Click to select the Include account in this send/receive group checkbox
↣ Click to select the Send mail items checkbox & the Receive mail items checkbox
 Click Download complete item including attachments & then click OK
 When you have created all the Send/Receive groups that you want click Close
 To send and receive e-mail for each group that you have created
 Click Tools point to Send/Receive & then
 Click the name of the Send/Receive group that you want

Step 2

 Click On Start Menu >> point to Programs >> point to Administrative Tools & then
 Click Active Directory Users and Computers
 Double-click Users
 In the right pane right-click the account that you want to modify & then click Properties
 Click the General tab & then type the full e-mail address for the user in the E-mail box.
 Click the Account tab & then type the Windows 2000 user name in the User logon name box
 In the User logon name (pre-Windows 2000) box type the pre-Windows 2000 user name
 Click the Exchange General tab & then type the Windows 2000 user name
 Click the E-mail Addresses tab Click New
 Click SMTP Address in the E-mail addresses list & then click OK
 In the E-mail address box type the address that
 you want to use as the user’s default address & then click OK
 Click the address that you entered & then click Set as Primary.

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