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Disable Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer 7

Disable Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer 7

How to Disable Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer 7

Tech Advice:1

 This is perhaps the one item that makes no sense.  Why disable tabs in the 1st place is really odd.
 Unless people like having a million different browser windows, then I would not even recommend doing this in the 1st place.
 I don’t use it because I like tabs more than having too many browser windows open and losing track but that’s me personally.
 But if you insist on doing this, then proceed further.  I don’t recommend it as stated but here it is for those who really don’t want to see tabs.

There are two methods to actually doing this.

 There’s the easy way and the more technical method.
 For now, I will show you perhaps the easiest method and please note that it can be done on almost any browser.
 Easy Way
 Only two things have to be done.
 Click the Tools button, and choose Internet Options
 Click the Settings button in the Tabs section
 Uncheck Tabbed Browsing

If you’re going to use any method, then use this right away and it should be taken care of without any trouble.

The More Technical Method

 To do this to all users, you must go into your System Administrative assuming you are the Admin of your computer.
 There are some registry edit hacks and it should have the enable/disable items.
 Internet Explorer 7 without tabs is more or less, the same as previous Internet Explorer browsers.

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