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Disable Power Management on Windows Vista

Disable Power Management on Windows Vista

How to Disable Power Management on Windows Vista

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As a compliment to the previous tip on what to do for laptop users, this one will provide a little more depth for desktop users. Wouldn’t you hate it going to sleep on its own without your approval?  It’s happened to just about everyone at one point or another. For everyone, pay close attention on what needs to be done to stop this from happening.  It’s worse if Vista is run on a Virtual Machine.

To get this started, here is what to do.

 You must go to your System and Maintenance in your Control Panel for starters.  What you have to do next is go into your power options.
 What you do next is you change your settings on power options.
 You must click on High Performance.

That should do the trick and take care of it.  Sleep mode should be disabled but the display will turn off.  If you wish to modify it, then go to change power plans on the item you choose and that should do it.  It’s really nothing too technical.

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