Windows Disable AutoPlay feature in Windows Vista

Disable AutoPlay feature in Windows Vista

Disable AutoPlay feature in Windows Vista

How to Disable AutoPlay feature in Windows Vista

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 Remember with XP how it wasn’t quite as flexible as it would later become in Vista?
 It really does make it easier in that respect. The major difference is that there could be way too many options available and can get rather confusing.
  To make it worse, there is no option with USB Flash Drives and doesn’t recognize them. While it isn’t a major issue, it is however an annoyance for anyone who uses these devices.
 There is a way to disable it and believe it or not, it is actually very easy. The 1st step for this procedure is to go directly into your Control Panel.
 On the Hardware and Sounds option, go to “Play CDs or other media automatically.”

Disabling AutoPlay Globally

 This is very simple to actually complete. It’s nothing too technical. All that needs to be done is just simply uncheck the box with the AutoPlay and it should have it disabled for not just one format but all formats as well.

Disabling for a Single Type

 Like the previous item above, this can be done as well. Nothing really fancy about it, all that needs to be done is just be specific on what you want to disable.
Global AutoPlay will need to be on though for it to work. It can be done by picking a specific option and disabling it.

Disabling for Removable Flash Devices Only

 This one is a little bit different as there isn’t an option to disable it directly from there. This is where Windows will determine what driver it is exactly and how it will be read.
 All that needs to be done however is just go to “take no action.” All that it will simply do is not do anything at all whenever hooking up a flash device to your own computer.
 Other than it not stating that it’s a flash or removable flash device, it’s just as simple as the previous methods.

Disabling Through Group Policy

 This is a more technical method than the previous ones listed. However, if you do not have Business or Ultimate Editions of Vista, then do not bother reading further and don’t try it. It is rather useless to do such a thing.
 If you have it, proceed further and just open up gpedit.msc using the Search Box available in Start Menu, just like doing that with the Registry Edit.
 Then, you browse into Windows Components/AutoPlay Policies. Just simply change the value of “Turn off AutoPlay” to enabled.

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