Errors Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook

Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook

Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook

How to Start Microsoft Office Outlook Invalid XML | the operation failed

Please do the following steps to Start Microsoft Office Outlook

Step 1

 Try to open Outlook in safe mode
 Click on Start Menu >> click on Run Button
 Type outlook.exe /safe  & press enter
 If outlook is not starting then we have to do a detect and repair.
 Follow these steps to do that
 Detect and repair
 Click on Start Menu for Vista it will be Windows button & Click on Run.
 Type outlook.exe /safe & press enter
 Go to Help tab in Outlook and select office diagnostics
 click on continue & Click on Run Diagnostics

Step 2

 Try to open Outlook without addins.
 Click on start Menu & Click on Run
 In the Open Box type outlook.exe /a  & press enter
 If he can open Outlook in this way then the third party addins are causing the issue
 This can be resolved by removing the third party addins
 Follow these steps to remove third party addins
 Click on Start Menu >> Click Microsoft Outlok express & click On the Tools menu
 Click Trust Center & then click Add-ins
 In the Add-ins box identify the add-in that
 you want to disable and note the Add-in type located in the Type column
 Select the Add-in type in the Manage box and then click Go
 Clear the check box for the Add-in that you want to disable and then click OK

Step 3

 Please press Cntrl+Alt+Delete to open task manager & click on processes.
 click on outlook.exe & click on End process
 If there is multiple outlook.exe running end all of them.
 Try to open outlook after ending all outlook.exe processes

Step 4

 Take a back up of pst files and reinstall Outlook
 follow these steps to take a backup of pst files
 Close any messaging programs such as Outlook Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Windows Messaging
 Click on start Menu & go to setting & open control panel
 Double-click the Mail icon
 Click Show Profiles
 Click the appropriate profile & then click Properties
 Click Data Files
 Under Name click the Personal Folders Service that you want to back up
 By default this service is called Personal
 However it may be named something else
 Click Settings & then note the path and file name that appears
 Close all the Properties windows
 Open the file through the path and copy it to a new folder as backup
 Again click on start button and go to settings and open control panel.
 Click on your office suite & click on change.
 Select Repair and click continue

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