Errors Windows 98 display adaptor problem

Windows 98 display adaptor problem

Windows 98 – 16 colours  / 640 by 480 pixels display only / graphic card/ display adaptor problem

How to Fix windows 98 display adaptor problem

Tech Advice 1

 Your Video display Card is not being recognized by windows. Look for video card settings–right click on desktop & select properties. here you will find video card info under settings >> advanced
 Do you have the driver disc for video drivers? Please insert and install the drivers
 Go to strat >> run >> type in >> devmgmt.msc  >> click on ok.

 On the devise manger window click on the + sign befor display adaptor …check if there is any yellow exclamtion or question mark …righ click  update driver
 Give the location of the cd if you have the driver disc and if not then select connect to internet for driver would look for best drivers automatically.


If this doesn’t help then reinstall your video display drivers. Remove them from devise manager .. reboot and let windows reinstall them.

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