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USB port 3.0 and usual driver tips are not working.

Fix USB port 3.0 and usual driver not working

I’m running windows 10 version 1709 and Operating System build 16299.125

USB port 3.0 and usual driver not working Fix

  HP laptop Intel core i3 5010u CPU with Total 6 gb Ram

  I was having some Problem on my laptop so I reinstalled Windows 8.1, then upgraded to Windows 10.

  Before upgrading to windows 10 I checked my WD and my seagate 1TB SSD drives and they both worked in the USB 3 & 2 slots.

  Since upgrading to pro Windows 10 however the USB 3.0 drives no longer work in the USB 3.0 Ports.

  The Power light works and both drives work in the USB 2.0 ports. I can also get an older external platter 2.0 drive to work in the 3.0 port just not the 3.0 drives themselves.

 First thing I did was delete the USB 3.0 driver and reboot the PC and Plug the USB 3.0 drive in no go. And looked for new Intel drivers.

  I had Installed the Intel Chipset Driver in Windows 8.1, but I tried it again in Windows 10 but nothing has changed.

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