Errors Troubleshooting printer problem

Troubleshooting printer problem

Troubleshooting printer problem

How to Fix Troubleshooting printer problem

Tech Advice 1

Please do the following Steps to fix the problem


Caution : Incorrect Registry Editing can cause serious problems.

 Please be careful while editing registry or contact our support team to fix it remotley
 Click On Start Menu >> Click On Run Button
 In the Open box type regedit. & then click on ok
 Locate the Local Port value under the following key in the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>>SYSTEM>>>CurrentControlSet>>>Control>>>Print>>>Monitors>>>Local Port
 Double-click the Driver subkey, and then edit the value. Change the string value to Localspl.dll, and then clickOK.
 Check the following registry key for third-party monitors. Remove any non-default monitors:
 The default port monitors are:
 AppleTalk Printing Devices When Services for Macintosh is installed
 BJ Language Monitor
 Local Port
 PJL Language Monitor
 Standard TCP/IP Port
 USB Monitor
 Windows NT Fax Monitor

Check the following registry key for third-party print providers.

 Remove any non-default print providers:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >>> SYSTEM >>> CurrentControlSet >>> Control >>> Print >>> Providers
 The default print providers are:
 Internet Print Provider
 LanMan Print Services
 Check the following registry key for third-party print processors.
 Remove any non-default print processors:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >>> SYSTEM >>> CurrentControlSet >>> Control >>> Print >>> Environments >>> Windows NT x86 >>> Print Processors
 The default print processor is:
 To find out what printer is using the print processor use the Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool MPS_REPORTS tool to open MachineName_PRINTDRIVERS.TXT & then search for the third-party Print processor and for the queues that are using the print processor.
 Change the third-party print processor to WinPrint.
 Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
 Double-click Printers, right-click the printer, and then click Properties.
 On the Advanced tab, click Print Processor.
 In the Print Processor box, click WinPrint.
 Click OK two times.
 Quit Registry Editor.

Tech Advice:2
Please Start the Printing Troubleshooter

 Click on Start Menu & then click on Printers & click Faxes.
 On the Help menu & click Help & Support Center.
 In Help & Support Center & click Fixing a printing problem.
 In the right pane & click Printing Troubleshooter.

Tech Advice 3
Please use the Printing Troubleshooter

How to use the Printing Troubleshooter

Step 1
 First Click on the option that describes the problem that is occurring & then Click Next.

Step 2

 Repeat step 1 until your problem is resolved or you have reached the end of the troubleshooting path.
 Notice that you can click Back at any time to repeat the last step or
 Click Start Over to start the Printing Troubleshooter again

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