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Shortcut Key to move UP in Windows Vista Explorer

Shortcut Key to move UP in Windows Vista Explorer

How to Fix Shortcut Key to move UP in Windows Vista Explorer

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 You guys might be startled to hear that the new Windows Vista doesn’t have an ‘UP Button’ in windows explorer window. Luckily, I found a keyboard shortcut for the same.
 Let’s assume that I am in c:\data\music directory. Sure, I can usually click the “data” part of the path and imitate the Up button, but it doesn’t work all the time, particularly when I have reduced the size of the window or when I have cascaded 2 or more windows.

This window is 600 pixels wide; shouldn’t I have an easier way to go Up? Turns out I do have an easier way, if I just use the following key combination

  ALT + Up
 That’s a lot better… now I’m in the parent directory!
 Note: You can also use the same key combination in order to get to the desktop folder. Keep pressing ALT+UP until you reach the Desktop folder.

Let’s explore some other key shortcuts for Windows Explorer that will prove to worthy:  _ ALT + Right – Go forward

↣  ALT + Left- Go back _ ALT + D – Focus the address bar and select the current path.
 F4 – Pop up the dropdown menu in the address bar, useful when you want to select same addresses severaltimes.
 ALT + Enter – Properties of the selected file
 CTRL + Mouse wheel – change the size of the icons. Move the mouse wheel up to reduce the size and vice versa.
 F11 – Put explorer into Fullscreen mode. I don’t understand the real use of this feature. For basic users this feature is of no use.

       ALT – Shows different menus on the top in windows explorer. Enjoy!

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